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All the world’s attention, FEELIN’s audience link.

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Start-up FEELIN.TV

All the world's attention, FEELIN's audience link.

FEELIN is delighted to announce the recent nomination of Pascal Wouters, who now takes charge of the operations of the Belgian startup as Deputy CEO (1). In the context of this reorganisation and after several weeks of thoughtful and intensive work on the new model, the CEO wishes to officially present his strategy and vision.

“For the audiovisual, media, and advertising industry, a major challenge today is capturing the attention of an increasingly screen-engaged audience!

“Another significant challenge is the ability to understand the emotional reactions of the target audience, knowing that emotions contribute to sales.” 

It’s a battle for attention in the media landscape.— Pascal Wouters, Deputy CEO of FEELIN.

FEELIN’s technology aims to address this, creating a connection with your real audience, allowing you to better understand their emotional reactions and interact easily and directly by surveying them on their smartphones globally, with no limitations other than having a connected smartphone (2).

FEELIN’s strategic evolution unfolds on multiple fronts, the result of a natural progression of three years of experience and proven technology with nearly 1,500 tested advertisements and videos.

Firstly, THE AUDIENCE LINK, the connection with the audience. The first step is the development of a shareable audience link [DEV. AUDIENCE LINK].

In other words, with the FEELIN link, we can reach a target audience more easily and quickly, with the “audience link” that you can share at your discretion to easily broadcast your video to the desired audience — who, upon receiving the link, installs the FEELIN APP and starts watching.” This technological advancement of the APP on one hand and the “Insights” PLATFORM on the other, now available to corporate clients, is a significant turning point for deploying our technology for the professionals we address and, more broadly, in terms of the scalability of the FEELIN model.

The corporate axis: COM – MEDIA & finally TV. The second focuses on a new commercial model targeting corporate accounts in the communication and media sector. FEELIN has already begun enhancing its value proposition to communication and media groups by offering lasting integration into their workflow processes and an attractive corporate partner program. FEELIN aspires to become an essential service for major players in advertising and media.

One major player in the audiovisual landscape remained in the crosshairs: television (TV). TV channels can now leverage FEELIN’s services to establish a connection with their viewers on both traditional and digital TV, which are now converging. This unprecedented innovation since the invention of TV audience measurement will allow TV channels to collect valuable and precise information from their audience in real-time, all from the comfort of their couch using their mobile phones.

The target viewers can express their opinions through the FEELIN APP, indicating their level of attention, retention, various emotions (positive, negative), and some complex emotional valences, and finally participate in a quick survey, all within minutes. The results, compiled by FEELIN’s algorithms, will be available on the TV channel’s insights platform within 48 hours as the baseline, with an optional 12 to 24-hour option to meet the daily television audience measurement requirements.


(1) Effective since September 2023 (2) Mobile Phone Usage “Smartphone” – which is the case for over 67% of the global population, with rates soon to exceed 90% in Belgium, reaching +84% (from 7 to 75 years) as in many European countries and North USA – 2022 statistics.


Our media kit for more information: Documents, links and visuals about our communiqué.


FEELIN enables understanding the reactions of your audiovisual audience by revealing data related to human emotional responses! Easily submit your VIDEO CONTENT via the FEELIN APP to hundreds of real viewers who display their emotional reactions before completing a quick survey. Get key performance indicators’ results on the FEELIN PLATFORM within 48 hours.

(English pitch) Understand your advertising and audiovisual audience by unlocking human insights!  Easily submit your VIDEO CONTENT through the FEELIN APP to hundreds of real viewers who display their emotional reactions before responding to a quick survey. Get actionable key performance indicators on the FEELIN PLATFORM within 48 hours.*

FEELIN is a growing Belgian startup from the Wallonia-Brussels region, with a track record of three years of successful growth. It has received awards such as the IAB Mixx Award Gold – Best Belgian Marketing Tool in 2020, with references including WPP GroupM, Wavemaker, Proximus, Luminus, and more.

About Pascal Wouters, he is a Belgian entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the advertising and media industry, spanning from Brussels to Paris, London, and even Saigon for Ho Chi Minh City’s television in Vietnam. His appointment as Deputy CEO at FEELIN is not coincidental, as he had previously collaborated with the team on multiple occasions. For more information about FEELIN, please visit the website.