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Programme Begood

With the Begood program! Beinfluence is committed by putting influencer marketing at the service of the associative sector. An ethical & united approach for a good cause.

1 year ago, BeInfluence launched the BeGood program, offering its influencers the possibility of donating a percentage of their campaign remuneration to associations, NGOs and non-profit organizations that are partners in the operation. Which also benefit from it as part of influence campaigns in the service of causes they support.

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Congrès PNL

Congress of the NLPNL 2020 federation in Paris: 30 years at the service of French-speaking NLP! Tools for learning, entrepreneurship and growth

The 30th edition of the NLPNL congress will take place on January 31 and February 1 at the M.A.S. Paris 13th. On this occasion, the 30 years of the Federation will be celebrated and will be honored Laurent Gounelle, successful author in the field of personal development, and one of the founders of the Federation Jean-Gérard Bloch, who will each give an interview. .

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