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L’Agence de PUB has been shortlisted for the hub Awards 2022

hub awards


What are the hub awards?

This competition honours Brussels-based companies that are making a positive impact on society, whether in the digital, ecological, health, commercial, cultural or audiovisual fields.

Among the 6 prizes to be awarded at the ceremony in June, there will be the Rise, which aims to reward any organisation over 5 years old with strong development potential that offers innovative goods and/or services.

How does the advertising agency have a positive impact? 

At L’Agence de Pub, we’re committed to ethical communication that respects new social and environmental issues. Thanks to our creative values and sound strategic thinking, we strive to give meaning and visibility to all those who ask for it. In this way, we put an essential dimension back at the heart of our intentions: people.

Pascal Wouters, the company’s founder, believes in positive communication and management, and in developing the personal qualities of everyone involved, whether customers, partners or employees. When he launches an advertising campaign, his main aim is to clarify the values held by the company in question to consolidate its authenticity. These are essential assets for forging a bond of trust with your community!

In our 360° agency, we are also working to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, in particular by hosting our website on OVH Cloud, a global server provider that is determined to put a stop to its excessive energy consumption, but also through small daily gestures such as recycling, walking and lots of other eco-friendly alternatives. Our offices are in the Urban Garden, a green and spacious coworking space in the heart of Etterbeek. It’s a place where you can share and grow!

the public vote is open! 

The final decision is now up to you. Feel free to vote for your favourite agency and keep spreading the word!

The VOTE is now closed! Thank you for your time 🙂