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Creative Social Media Collab: L’AGENCE DE PUB is returning to creative fundamentals for social networks!

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Creative social media colla - L'AGENCE DE PUB


L'AGENCE DE PUB is returning to creative fundamentals for social networks!

In the midst of the “CANNES LIONS” creativity festival, L’AGENCE DE PUB unveils its new offering “Creative Social Media”, a strategic and creative collaboration designed for companies and their brands wanting to stand out on social networks. This initiative marks a return to the fundamentals of our profession: quality advertising creation.

In an environment where presence on social networks has become crucial for a company’s success, L’AGENCE DE PUB stands out by offering a unique collaboration. We address companies, brands, and personalities who not only want to increase their visibility but also stand out through superior quality creative production.

“The quality of content is the key factor for success on social networks,” says Pascal Wouters, founder of the agency.

Our approach marks a return to the agency profession’s roots, with particular attention paid to content quality. We strive to deliver the most relevant, attractive, original, and memorable material possible, able to create a Strong emotional connection with the target audience on social networks.

In addition, this new social media offering from L’AGENCE DE PUB is part of a “win-win” collaboration model. By mentioning “tag @lagencedepub” in all co-produced publications, our clients will automatically benefit from increasing discounts on their monthly bill with the agency, depending on the size of their community (number of followers).


Our media kit for more information: Documents, links and visuals about our press release.


L’AGENCE DE PUB is a 360° advertising and communication agency with a deeply creative DNA, offering a complete range of services from idea to impact!

Our unique consulting approach integrates a strategic vision, enabling “brand & media” convergence across all touch points. We offer tailored solutions, designed to meet the specific criteria that define each brand’s needs.

Since 2016, our agency has organically evolved. By adopting startup-inspired methodologies and growth marketing tactics, and staying at the forefront of the latest trends, we have managed to adapt to the changing demands of the sector. We collaborate with a network of specialised partners and freelancers to ensure flexible growth, in line with today’s operational models.

News: Today, in order to enchant the wonderful world of advertising anew and continue its growth, the agency is looking for a partner associate and investor to join us and strengthen our team!