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Brand sound identity


A sound identity for brands that want to be heard!



When exposed to music, the human brain has an easier time memorising the product presented, as well as recognising it among others, which explains the emergence of sound branding among major brands in recent years.


L'identité sonore 

Sound identity is the use of a sound – often very short – whose aim is to accompany, or event represent a company. It has many advantages for the company ; on the one hand, because it gives it a real singularity, and on the other hand, because it makes it possible for the brand to play on the emotions of the prospects and to create an emotional link with them.

Musique de pub

More and more brands are using artists and their worlds to bring their commercials to life. There is nothing more effective than music to communicate, recruit and retain customers. Find out more about the power of commercial music in this article de blog.

At the Advertising Agency, we can create your own sound branding, or even choose the most appropriate track for your commercial, depending on your needs. The support ranges from conception to design and licensing. Thanks to our creativity and our specialist partners, we are perfectly prepared to help you create a unique sense of belonging for your audience !



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