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SEO SEARCH (Internship)


Geek or genuine digital native – #GOOGLE means more to you than a tool to get a pizza delivered!



You are a student at the end of your studies, master, doctorate from a university or a grande école OR a real coder coming from a code school or not and you are looking for an internship in an agency.


About SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is involved in the natural or organic referencing of a website.

When properly mastered, it allows to generate traffic on a website and / or pages from search engines such as Google, Bing, (…) This traffic, often qualified for a company, remains a major source in a well conducted digital strategy.

The algorithms of search engines are constantly evolving, as are the skills of the SEO expert.



The fields of intervention of an SEO expert
Technical and editorial audit of a site’s content.
Optimising the internal linkage of the site (to promote its visibility in search engines).
Creating “back links” to optimised pages.
Improve technical aspects of the site such as page load speed.
Identify sites to obtain qualitative backlinks.
Optimise the Meta title or description tags of the pages.
Define an effective SEO strategy for the site.
Define a natural referencing strategy evolving internationally
Implementing the strategy of HTML tags such as H2 or H3 subtitles (…)
Participate in the production of optimised content on the site/blog
Analysing competing strategies and sometimes organising paid referencing with Google Advertising.

To ensure the follow-up and reporting of the SEO on the positioning of the pages within the search engines, the evolution of the audience flow…


PROFILE | Skills and competencies

A versatile geek who understands the breadth of SEO and has a good grasp of the functional aspects of communication and digital marketing.

Demonstrating a good knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript.



In a few key words:

#Curiosity #Pragmatism #Sense of organisation #Passion for the web #Sense of listening and analysis #Ability to work in a team #Dynamism and a creative spirit – elementary in an agency ! 

Do you recognize yourself?