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Coder developer (Internship)

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A #DEV Please! “Coding is how you become a developer”, the key is to dive in and break the codes.


You are a student at the end of your studies, master, doctorate from a university or a graduate school or an authentic coder coming from a code school (L’école 19 or 42 in France) or not and you are looking for an internship in an agency.


Software and application development. About coding, every day a little more in the future, made of more and more innovative technologies. More and more assisted by computers, mobiles and already robots.

All this thanks to the development of computers and computers, but above all the language that makes them work – coding. Coding, in simple terms, is about transmitting our commands to the computer in a language that the computer understands, so that the computer can execute the command and perform the task. So it is writing that code, it is programming, writing a list of codes arranged in a sequence that results in a program to accomplish a given task (…)


The fields of intervention of the developer /code:

Help us create the agency of the future! Design or improve software, platforms and applications. Assist the agency in the development, estimation of web and mobile app projects.

Write lines of code
Fixing bugs
Optimize applications
Integrate applications
Connecting applications

Skills and competences

The web developer, coder, programmer, computer scientist, front-end developer, back-end developer, full stack developer…

web dev. the one who creates applications for websites, uses front-end languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript …) and back-end languages (Java, PHP, Node JS, Python, Ruby …) for what the user does not see and which allows to make the front-end more dynamic (such as sending emails, managing shopping carts or payments on an e-commerce site …
native dev which creates applications specific to a system (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, AS400, UNIX …)
hybrid dev. which creates applications running on several systems.


In a few key words:

#ComputerAddict #Curiosity #Polyvalent #Pragmatism #Logic #Enduring #Sense of organization

Do you recognize yourself?