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Branding | Creation

Video advertising

Conception, creation & production of the “Anachronism” advertising video spot for the Fintech EDEBEX.COM

The campaign shows the client’s problematic through a humorous anachronism.

The scenario features an 18th century entrepreneur, played by the winemaker “Gaël Lacourt” (Château de Blayac, 18th century), who is in cash flow difficulties due to a late payment from a customer. When an entrepreneur from the future appears in his office…

The objective of the campaign is twofold: to build a strong brand identity and to convert new customers, among a target group of B2B  (companies, small and medium-sized businesses in France) who are looking for short-term current assets for their cash flow.

The catchline: “Don’t wait for centuries to collect your money – Edebex turns your customer invoices into CASH!

The services:

  • Branding
  • Video advertising spot
  • Creation
  • Production & Post prod.
  • Translation & Subtitles
  • Video content
  • Social media
  • Broadcasting – Media planning

Format: 30″ and short “social media” versions

Media (s): Digital Tv – pre-roll – replay – social media – digital display programmatic – retarget

Client: Edebex | Mission integreted

Sector: Fintech, Finance, Start Up – Scale up

Year 2016-2017