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fan of baudelaire’s spleen as well as houellebecq’s latest book – JUGGLER OF WORDS AND GENIUS OF THE PEN – familiar with seo and the main rules of digital writing


Are you a student at the end of your degree, master’s or doctorate from a university or college in advertising, communication, marketing or journalism, and are you looking for an internship in an agency where you can put your writing skills to good use? Then you’ve come to the right place!


As you might expect, the copywriter’s job is primarily to write. But writing for what? Essentially to make prospects want to buy, or at least to be interested in a given brand, in particular through a captivating speech that reflects the image that the company wishes to project. In addition to the quality of the writing and spelling, the copywriter must always ensure that the texts are relevant, whether in terms of referencing and strategic correspondence, or in terms of their richness of vocabulary and content.


The fields of intervention of the copywriter

The main tasks consist of helping us to improve the texts on the web pages of client companies, and also in writing blog articles for the agency. As secondary tasks, writing emails, press releases and social media posts is also possible.

Examples of tasks

The main tasks would be to assist the agency in :

  • Writing advertising content for websites.
  • Coming up with catchy slogans for client companies for their communication campaigns.
  • Writing newsletters to keep the community up to date with the agency’s news.
  • Define an editorial line adapted to the brand identity of the clients and the agency.
  • Produce sales pages to showcase different offers.
  • Maximising SEO to optimise the visibility of the client companies and the agency on the internet.
  • Analysing the results of a communication campaign to improve the strategy through concrete actions.
  • Carry out community management to maintain the visibility of clients and the agency on the networks.
  • Writing internal and external emails, including to potential prospects.

PROFILE | Skills and competences

Of course, good writing skills and impeccable spelling are required. The major challenge for a copywriter is to always manage to renew his or her content while maintaining its attractiveness. Such an ability requires a great deal of curiosity, adaptability and creativity, but also an impeccable sense of rigour and organisation. Knowledge of SEO is required, as well as a good understanding of WordPress software, which is essential for digital writing.


In a few key words:

#Creativity #Curiosity #Originality #Organisation #Rigour #Spirit of initiative #Skillfulness #Literary #Sense of words